7 Steps to Get Recruited

1. Create Your Recruiting Email Address

We strongly advise you to create a separate email account that you use only for college recruiting and college applications. Both player and parent should have access to this email. We recommend a name like this: JaneSmith2018@gmail.com Choose a password you can remember. Many girls use the name of their high school and their graduation year as an easy password everyone can remember.

2. University Athlete Profile

This is the profile many college coaches use to find you at major tournaments. This is a must for any player who wants to play in college. Don’t wait until the last minute as your free registration will take a few days to be processed.

Register now for University Athlete

3. Get Video

Arrange to take video at tournaments or hire a firm to take your video. Go to our Recruiting Video Page for more information. Add video to your ECP profile and your University Athlete page.

4. Help Us Create Your ECP Player Profile

ECP creates a recruiting profile for every sophomore, junior and senior player. You can find your ECP Profile by going to your roster and clicking on your name.  A college recruiting profile is not worth much if it doesn’t have video. Email emily@ecpowervolleyball.com with video links and any other information you’d like to add to your profile. If you don’t see your name we may still be creating your profile. We will give your profile priority if you have a video link you want to post.

5. Register on College Team Websites

Go to the college website and find the college recruiting questionnaire for the school in which you are interested. Fill it out, as this will become an important reference guide for coaches at the school looking for specific players.

6. Create a College Spreadsheet

Recruiting requires just a little organization. COPY the ECP College Coach Contact List to create your PERSONAL recruiting spreadsheet. Delete schools that don’t interest you. Narrow down your list to 20 to 30 colleges at first. 

7. Email Coaches

Now that you have completed your player profile and your college recruiting spreadsheet, send an email to coaches that includes a link to your profile and video and invite them to come see you play at a tournament. Here is a sample copy of a letter to a college coach. 


Keep notes on your spreadsheet to keep track of who you have contacted and invited to see you play.