New To Volleyball

Power Minis

Level 1

Power Minis is a fun and unique introduction to the game of volleyball for girls and boys ages 5-8. These sessions are structured to allow 45 minutes of skills training and 15 minutes for you to have court-time with your mini. Our coaches have developed fun and innovative methods using hoola hoops, beanbags, and balloons to build a foundation for your MINI-athletes to thrive as future volleyball players!

Power Juniors

Level 2

Power juniors is the next step in your athlete’s volleyball skill development. This program is a good stepping stone for athletes looking to play in middle school or CYO programs. Power Juniors is a fun introduction to volleyball for boys and girls ages 7-14 that will teach the fundamentals of serving, passing, setting, and hitting.

Club Power Juniors

Level 3

Club Power Juniors is an introduction to the club volleyball world. This program aims to prepare your athletes to play at the next level. Club Power Junior teams will get the opportunity to practice and play in 1-2 local events. The Club Power Juniors season runs from December through March.

East Coast Power Volleyball

Level 4

Club level play.

[Team level breakdown]

  • National Teams are our highest-level teams with the most competitive schedule including a mandatory post-season tournament (USAV or AAU Nationals in June or July). Our national team schedules include multi-day, out-of-state events and aim to maximize exposure to college coaches for any athletes looking to play at the next level. 
  • Premier Teams play a competitive schedule that includes primarily multi-day events with 1-2 single-day tournaments, both in-state or in nearby regions. Premier teams are not required to attend a post-season, national tournament but could have the option depending on the team’s success throughout the season. 
  • Travel Teams play a competitive schedule that includes both local multi-day and single-day events. Travel teams will have minimal travel expenses and will compete through mid-May.
  • Developmental Teams are geared towards our middle-school ages with a lesser schedule including 4-5 non-travel events. Developmental team training aims to prepare athletes for a full-level club team by focusing on the fundamentals of volleyball on and off the court.