About Us

Our Mission

At East Coast Power we believe that club volleyball can be a positive experience for all, and that we can create a winning program based on integrity and excellence. We’ve assembled a strong lineup of the best and most winning coaches in the region who have the coaching experience, high standards and core values to ensure that your daughter or son will end the season as a stronger, more confident player.

ECP’ & CLP’s ultimate goal is to help our student-athletes reach their full potential on and off the volleyball court by creating opportunities for them to have fun, develop lasting friendships and grow into confident, capable young women and men.



Our History

In the spring of 2013, coaches and parents from some of the Keystone region’s top volleyball clubs and high schools began talking about creating a better volleyball club – one that would set the standard for volleyball on the East Coast by making a commitment to coaching excellence, player development and supporting the families who make club volleyball possible.

The result is East Coast Power Volleyball, the most successful and fastest-growing club in the region, led by founder and director Brian McCann, one of the most-winning coaches in the region with experience at the CYO, high school and national club level. Coach McCann was joined by two-time NCAA champion libero Roberta Holehouse McGuiney, and Josh Steinbach, the head coach of Villanova University and former director of Philadelphia Volleyball Academy (PVA). With Mike Krause, head coach of state-champions Parkland High School, ECP Lehigh Valley was formed in the club’s inaugural year.

ECP took the Keystone region by storm in its first year, and by our second season a number of new coaches and players, including Pat Rucker, former director of Synergy Volleyball, joined the ECP family.

In the fall of 2015, the club’s third season, we formed a new ECP Susquehanna Valley division, allowing us to grow and develop the game in Central Pennsylvania.

At the core of ECP’s success has been our ability to attract the region’s top coaching talent and leverage that talent into our one-of-a-kind training program. Every ECP player, whether they train on a regional team, a travel team or a nationally-ranked Open level team receives the same winning approach to instruction, with a focus on technique, discipline, conditioning and teamwork. It’s this high-level of systematic training that has helped our middle school players win CYO championships, our high school players dominate Pennsylvania varsity volleyball and our national team players draw the attention of the nation’s college recruiters.

East Coast Power Volleyball was formed by coaches, former college players and parents who, quite simply, love volleyball. We’ve seen our own daughters and sons grow in confidence and skill as a result of club volleyball, and now our goal is to grow the game and create as many opportunities as possible for young women and men to develop a passion for this sport we love. Volleyball is a lifelong sport, and our hope is that our players will develop a passion for the game that will allow them to continue learning, playing and teaching volleyball for the rest of their lives.