Recruiting Letter

Sample College Recruiting Email
Invite to a Tournament

Subject Line: Jane Smith, #5, Class of 2019 (Make sure you include useful information on your subject line)

Dear Coach (Name Here) (It’s a good idea to include both the head coach and assistant coach, who is often the one who oversees recruiting)

My name is Jane Smith, and I’m a 5’11 outside hitter for East Coast Power Volleyball 16-Carolina National Team and a 2019 recruit. I will be playing in 16-Open competition at the Northeast Qualifier in Philadelphia, and I’d like to invite you to come see me play.

Here is a link to my player profile which includes video and my season schedule.  I’m a strong all-around player with a 9’6 approach touch. I’m also a strong academic student and would like to play for your program. I have filled out the recruiting questionnaire on your website(If you are contacting a very high academic school, you can include additional academic information like SAT, ACT scores, AP or IB curriculum etc.)

I hope to see you at the NEQ. 

Jane Smith, #5 (Sign with your jersey number)

ECP Recruiting
(Make sure you include the club email so the coach can contact us if needed)