Recruiting Video

What is Recruiting Video?

Video is essential in the recruiting process. Recruiting video can show a few minutes of game play, skill drills or a full match. Players send their video links to college coaches. This helps a college coach decide if he or she wants to come see you play in person. Coaches make very quick assessments based on video so it’s important that you send video that shows you at your best and doesn’t waste their time.


  • Do put your best hits, digs, sets or saves in the first few seconds of your video
  • Do send coaches links to both highlight reels and full match play.
  • Do tell coaches your jersey number and position so they can find you in the video
  • Do add your jersey number to the text box below the video in YouTube, Vimeo or whatever service you use
  • Do send coaches full match video and let them know the time stamps when you are playing


  • Don’t add music of fancy graphics to your video. Keep it simple. Most coaches listen with the sound off.
  • Don’t expect a coach to watch the entire video. Keep your best moments at the beginning.
  • Don’t send a video that begins with serving. Unless you have a spectacular serve, coaches can’t learn much about you from a serving video. Coaches want to see you move. If you have a great serve, send the coach match play that includes you serving.