Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

June 7, 2022

“I just completed my 2nd season as Wilson West Middle School coach as well as helping with Coach Werner’s staff for the Wilson High School girls’ team.  I am in my 2nd season as well as an assistant coach for Coach Werner here at ECP.”

Coaching Philosophy: 
“My belief is to get the girls to be able to mix the responsibility and accountability of being an important part of the team with the basic, underlying principle of why everyone should be playing, to have fun.  I feel that not having the proper mix will ultimately lead to a player not fully realizing the full potential of there playing experience.”

Best Volleyball Moment:
My best moment as a player was winning the County Championship in High School.  My best moment coaching was winning the Bulldog Blitz Tournament this year with our Middle School Team and handing a previously undefeated team their only loss of the season in the championship.”

My Life in Sports: 
“In high school I played soccer, baseball and volleyball and was recruited in two sports to play Division 1 in college and was being looked at by a number of MLB teams for baseball.  Ultimately I went to college  to play baseball where I injured my arm and my professional dreams were crushed.”

When I am not coaching volleyball…
“I try to head to the beach as often as I can with my wife.”

Favorite Subject in School: 
“Besides Gym…probably Math”

Last book I read:   Wayne Rooney: My Story

Favorite Movie: Top Gun 

Favorite Quote: 
“If you’re going to play at all, you’re out to win” – Dereck Jeter

Person I’d Like to have dinner with:
Roy Williams to discuss his decades of success of coaching and how he’s had to adapt to players’ from different generations.”

Something you probably don’t know about me: 
“I love to work out and cook.”