Denny Werner

Denny Werner

May 17, 2022

Coach Werner is best known as the Varsity Head Coach for Garden Spot High School, where he runs one of the largest and most competitive tournaments of the fall high school season. Coach Werner also has helped grow and strengthen club volleyball in the region as a camp director and coach at J-Stroke Volleyball Club, where he has coached teams at every age level from 12s to 18s. He is also vice president of the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association. Coach Werner, who began coaching volleyball in 1991, is a former men’s club player at Penn State and was an all-Berks County player in high school. He began coaching at Garden Spot in 1998 and has a winning career record of 319 wins and 118 losses in 20 years. His teams have qualified for league playoffs in 18 of 20 years, qualified for the league final 7 times winning in 2008, district playoffs in 17 consecutive seasons, state playoffs 3 times including a state runner up finish in 2007 and a state semifinal finish in 2008.

Coaching Philosophy: Good is the enemy of great

Best Volleyball Moment: Coaching at USA Nationals in Dallas, TX

My Life in Sports: Grew up playing every sport there was…it is my hobbie, past time and passion.  

When I’m Not Coaching Volleyball… I’m on a beach or near the water enjoying life with my family.  

Favorite subject in school: Gym of course!

Last Book I Read: Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol)

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers

Favorite Quote: “Do or do not…there is no try”

Person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: John F. Kennedy

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: I am just as laid back off the court as I am fiery on it…