Erik Hertzog

Erik Hertzog

June 7, 2022

Coaching Experience: I have been coaching in some capacity for 25+ years, from high school to different clubs in the area. I started playing competitively on the beach in 1994 and continued to play at a high level thru 1997. I moved my love of playing indoor on a mens USVBA team for a number of years. After settling down with my family, I began coaching for a number of local clubs in the area. I was the Asst Director at Valley Forge Volleyball, Co-Founded the Philadelphia branch of nationally recognized TCA for 10 years before forming Philadelphia Storm in Downingtown. This will be my 3rd year with ECP. I lead the west division for my first 2 years and now this year, I am looking forward to working with the team in King of Prussia.

Philosophy: I think the game needs to be taught from the very first touch to do it the right way. Understanding why skills and individual discipline are important to every part of the game and how to get better at both while having fun. When the players have the “aha” moment I know we are about to have even more fun. I also believe that life lessons can be taught at the same time they are learning this awesome sport. If I can make an impression on a player then I have succeeded as a coach.

Best Volleyball Moment: Favorite moment was a number of years ago. I was coaching a group of kids who were told they were not good enough to beat the best team in the region. We got to the point that we needed to play this team head to head in a final to go to USA Nationals. After a tough battle, the resiliency of the team came through and they were able to hunker down to defeat this team that had not been beaten all year. It was exciting to be able to tell the kids that they were going to Miami Beach for Nationals shortly after that win.

My Life in Sports: I grew up playing baseball, football and swimming for the most part. My time playing volleyball came at a perfect time in my life and I hung on for the ride. I met some great people along the way and decided that it was something I wanted to understand at a different level. I aligned myself with people who understood the game at a much higher level and I went to them to learn as much as possible. I still attend high level training clinics and seminars in order to be on top of all I can learn. Being a student of the game and constantly learning is what it’s all about for me. 

When I am not coaching volleyball… I am spending time where I can with my wife Cheryl, and my 3 kids (Addison, Brandon and Daniella). I love more than anything to watch my kids compete in sports as a dad. I like to allow them to have their own thing. I recently started coaching youth football with my son’s team to change things up a bit. We also love to travel when we can. 

Favorite Subject in school: History

Favorite Book: Of Mice And Men

Favorite Movie: I have 3 must watch movies if they are on… 1. Top Gun  2. Blue Chips   3. Goonies

Favorite quote: If you are leading and no one is following, your just going on a walk.

Person I’d like to have dinner with: My Younger Self. As a father of 3 kids now, there are so many things I look back on that I wish I would have done differently for a number of reasons. 

Something you probably don’t know about me: I wanted to be a police officer growing up. I went to take a test a few years after graduating and missed the cut by only a few points or I would probably be out on patrol somewhere right now….Those of you that know me well know I would have been a good cop!! LOL