Harry Bitzberger

Harry Bitzberger

June 7, 2022

Coaching Philosophy: It’s all about the kids! It’s my responsibility to hold the vision for them, to challenge them to face and overcome adversity; to learn the many lifelong benefits they’ll garner from playing volleyball.

Best Volleyball Moment: Qualifying for the State Tournament in 2018. Rustin’s first time ever!

My Life in Sports…I had some kind of ball in my hand as far back as I can remember. As a youth I played every sport imaginable. I worked very hard to achieve a level of mediocrity that gave me an opportunity to participate in football and track while at VMI. I continued to play sports actively in the Air Force and latched on to volleyball and coaching then. I have coached all four of my children in various sports beginning in 1995 and been coaching ever since.

When I’m not coaching volleyball…I’m a State Farm agent in West Chester so other than work, my wife Michelle and I mostly chase my two youngest kids around. Harrison, a college tennis player in North Carolina (recently received his USTA coaching credential). We love watching him play. Daughter Morgan will be attending U of South Carolina in the Fall so we plan to spend a lot of time down south. Big sisters: Samantha is a Product Developer for Perry Ellis in NYC; and Casey a Project Manager for Relatable, is transitioning from California to London.

Favorite subject in School: The Black Authors course I took at VMI was the best ever! I’m a history buff.

Last Book I read: Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson

Favorite Movie: Princess Bride

Favorite Quote: “Fate often saves an undoomed man when his courage is good.” Beowulf

Person I’d like to have dinner with…My father- Harry A Bitzberger. He passed on Christmas Day 2012. I have so much to tell him, so much to ask him about, so much to apologize for, and to tell him he was so very right about so many things I rebelled against.

Some things you don’t know about me…I’ve met three US Presidents but they were not President when I met them. I was Captain George von Trapp in Cardinal O’Hara’s production of “The Sound of Music” my senior year of high school.