Hayley Kirby

Hayley Kirby

September 9, 2022

Coaching Philosophy: My coaching philosophy is that we must make mistakes in practice in order to be able to make the corrections needed for a game. If you never make mistakes you can never improve. I also focus a lot on mindset and confidence. I believe any player can be great if they have the confidence to make that gutsy play or get that ball up that no one thought they could get.

Best Volleyball Moment: My best volleyball moment was my freshman year of college when we beat our rival UC. It was my first true rivalry match and the energy in the gym was insane. It was a highly competitive five set match and we came out with the win!

My Life in Sports: I have been involved with volleyball since I was in fifth grade. I started playing club volleyball in seventh grade and never stopped. I played college volleyball at West Virginia State University (Division II) and have been coaching Division III volleyball since graduation. I am currently the Head Volleyball Coach at Bryn Mawr College.

When I’m Not Coaching Volleyball… I am either watching netflix, shopping, or searching for good coffee.

Favorite subject in school: History

Last Book I Read: Harry Potter series

Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: Russ Rose

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: I teach a Pickleball class